Derrick Lin


Designed by BVD, Sweden.

During 2010 BVD updated the graphic identity for Restylane, products used for esthetic beauty treat ments from the Uppsala based company Q-Med. Since Restylane has been on the market for more than 13 years, it was time to update the image for the brand. The new design will be launched in January 2011 for implementation throughout the year. With the new design Restylane strengthens the brand as the market leader, positions it as a premium brand as well as presents a more sympathetic image that consumers can identify with.

The shift from customer focus to consumer focus, is important for the updated graphic profile. The brand needed to appeal to the end consumers rather than just targeting doctors that carry out the treatments. The medical image with the brand shouldn’t be given up, but more warmth and acces sibility was needed. Furthermore, it was important to create a unique and distinctive graphic identity that clearly differentiates Restylane from its competitors on a rather homogenous market. With Swedish innovation as a starting point, the design philosophy is based on beauty, individuality and reliability. The target group aspires to these values along with simplicity, naturalness and a confident modern awarness. The graphic identity is based on a combination of integrated design elements, typography, symbol of the circle, photography as well as a system of color coding. The design is applied to all channels of the brand from the packaging of all the products to all sales material externally and internally.