(ESPRID)* Extremely Strong Premium Russian Innovative Distillate

«Krivach» is the new symbol of the national pride, it is strong, robust, masculine, tasty, rich in bread aroma, attractive and truly Russian premium distillate.

Today «Krivach» is the most special and provocative strong alcohol drink in Russia. It was born to surprise by its strength of 61% vol., unbeaten bread taste and aroma, the top quality and innovative bottle design.

«Krivach» is not a vodka, but a meticulously reconstructed home-born Russian rye malt distillate that so far has never been sold neither in Russia nor elsewhere in the world. «Krivach» makes a real revolution in the Russian alcohol market and starts a new period in Russian national alcohol production by setting a new level of quality and taste. To achieve its distinct flavor, it is processed in alembics, originally reconstructed copper pot stills and is purified with egg white and birch charcoal. It is produced in the old distillery. Today this forgotten technology is absolutely innovative for Russian alcohol production.

«Krivach» is the alcohol beverage produced using centuries-old Russian processing traditions and an original formula recreated by Russian Distiller. Extremely strong 61%vol. «Krivach» is a product of the dedicated work of the masters who favor the traditional Russian technology of a triple distillation of selected rye malt.

The founders of Russian Distiller set out to recreate a first-class Russian rye distillate to let you enjoy the luxury taste of this elite and truly national alcoholic beverage.

«Krivach» is rich in the fusel oils, as Absinthe, Single malt whisky, Cognac, Grappa, Gin, Rum etc. The fusel oils add an inimitable taste and flavor to the all world famous distillates. Almost all the world’s nations enjoy the rich and intense aromas and flavors of their home-born distillates that bear the properties of the original primary products, such as it goes with barley in whisky, with grapes in grappa and cognac or agave in tequila. So it is most unfair that Russians are deprived of the pleasure to drink a vernacular and close-to-heart rye distillate that was preferred by their forefathers between the XVII and XIX centuries when there was still no alcohol rectification, but just distillation. The secret of production of the traditional rye distillates in Russia was lost as way back as 120 years ago.

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