X-Series Mini-Vibrators

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Ideal International Group is a US company with subsidiaries in Europe, China and Japan. Ideal operates two sex toy brands: Ultrazone and Funzone.

XS Slim, XM Midi-Ring, and XL Lavish are compact and discreet mini-vibrators that together make up the X-Series for UltraZone brand of adult toys. Each model comes in a Silk (shiny) or Velvet (matte) finish in the same five colors: black, white, cyan, pink, and purple. The size of each model in the series reflects its namesake going from small, medium, to large. The size and sleek shape of these vibes make it easy to carry around for pleasure on the go.

As XS Slim, XM Midi-Ring, and XL Lavish are separate yet related ranges, the same concept was applied to the packaging design to make it a collectible series. The concept for the X-Series was to give the illusion that the product is floating inside a colorful orb. Using colored lids that reflect the color of the product itself reinforces the impact of the product’s color and shape. The black and white models are shiny and the cyan, pink, and purple models have a soft finish. Each of the containers are stack able and connect with each other within the same range and between ranges. The idea for the shape and color of the design was to make a powerful impression for both product photos and retail store presentation. In terms of branding and marketing, the goal was to give incentive for the consumer to complete the “collection” in the X-Series so each range wil generate sales for another from the selection of three models and five colors.

The polycarbonate and ABS packaging for each model utilizes same base, but the interchangeable covers made using an injection molding process vary in height to distinguish the size of the products. Put together, the packaged models are stack able amongst its own range and within the series.

Conventional sex toy packaging are luxury boxes for easy storage out of plain view, but this design allows you to display and store the products tastefully.