Doss Blockos

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Derrick Lin


The official release of Doss Blockos, it’s now available in select bars around Melbourne, Australia.

… born from the underground squatting fraternity that came about in New York in the 1990’s. It was a time when squatters in the infamous Dos Blockos building were renovating with every tooth and nail they could find to make vacant buildings habitable. whilst shark-like developers were throwing around their fat-corporate weight to force the squatters further down into the discarded underground.

Tough living wasn’t tough when it was what people believed in. It was art and music and party and the beer that developed was bare of anything but the essential taste. The speciality pale malt and cascade hops were used because that’s what was available.

The Doss Blockos that is getting drunk now still comes in the brown paper bag that everyone knows beer had to be drunk from when people needed to be able to keep the law out oi their face. Each one of these has been wrapped in brown paper bags by hand, then pushed into the distinctive hand-constructed six-pack basket.

At 4.6%ABV. Doss Blockos is a smooth premium pale lager. all natural, brewed in the traditional lager way. With a malty flavour that balances a mild hop bitterness nicely. it’s a beer that’s been brewed for easy drinking and has a sessionability that ensures the fresh crisp taste leaves you wanting to grab another…