Derrick Lin


Designed by Province, Russia.

The task was to create a classic, genty label with some element telling the difference between Abrau and other manufacturers of sparkling wine and associating Abrau with the production site.

In the time of the Prince Galitsin there was an amusement very popular among noblemen — they used to train domestic animals, such as monkeys or pugs (more rarely), to open bottles of sparkling wine. A monkey had to open a preshaked bottle. Sparkling wine, when suddenly released, started festively breaking forth from the bottleneck. The poor animal was trying in vain to stop the sparkling drink fountain with its paws, which only increased the pressure, so the wine was vigorously gushing around and above. Cynic guests were laughing, everybody had fun.

In days of old Russian noble people used to keep monkeys for opening bottles with champagne. It was a very popular amusement to have a monkey opening a bottle with champagne. When a monkey opened a bottle, champagne started splashing under pressure from the bottle. The monkey started screaming and trying to close the bottle with the legs. The monkey was trying to stop champagne splashing, which only made champagne splash more…