Thierry Schweitzer (Student Work)

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Designed by Nicolas Specht, a French Student in Lisaa (Strasbourg). Really interesting ham packaging, I myself would buy this just for the awesome typography on it!

Thierry Schweitzer is a peasant butcher who has based his production on a traditional process : the pigs raised on straw. At the time of industrial development, he wanted to bring renewal in the delicatessen world.

The button-logo has been created by Pretexte, a French agency. I decided to design a packaging which use this original logo, that’s why I drew the parallel with the fashion universe. Finally, the pack is presented as a shopping-bag. You can now go shopping and buy ham without being ashamed, even if you are a fashion victim.

To break the codes of delicatessen, I preferred to use only fonts rather than a ham visual. Thierry Schweitzer is searching a new public. So he had to have a very daring and original packaging to break the codes.