Designed by Prompt Design, Thailand.

Melon Kernels are a brand of roasted watermelon seeds. Melon Kernels come in two flavors, original and spicy. The brand’s target market spans teenagers to recent college graduates.

Melon Kernels compete in the highly competitive and saturated snack food market. The packing needs to communicate clearly and quickly what the product is and differentiate itself from competitors. Market research identified the trend that consumers prefer to eat real watermelon seeds.

This insight was the motivation for using a cutaway of a watermelon displaying the fruit and seeds within a melon. The visual cues communicates to the consumer that Melon Kernels are a 100% natural product. The watermelon on the packaging is strategically placed in the center and provides a focus point for consumers seeking a snack. The vividness of the melon helps differentiate the product from competing products.

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