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Derrick Lin


Designed by Saana Hellsten, Finland.

MousseTube is a packaging for children’s food. It won silver in The Institute of Packaging Starpack Awards (European Awards) 2008.

Marks & Spencer was the sponsor of the category. The task was to make a children’s food packaging of carton board.

I found out from many parents that, for example, yoghurt cups are often too big to eat at once for little children. I wanted to create a solution for this problem.

My product is a packaging for mousse, yoghurt etc snack. Being recloseable, it is easy to carry with you and have as a snack where you want without having to eat it all at once. You don’t need a spoon as you can squeeze the food straight into your mouth.

The childer’s food packagings are often very gaudy. MousseTube stands out from the shelf because the packaging is clear and simple. White colour creates a fresh look and it gives an impression of good quality. With the cute animal characters, the packaging is interesting for the children also.

The form doesn’t have any sharp corners or edges which makes it child safe. The big top is good for the child to twist and open.
The product is also completely recycable..