The Seed Pod (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Aaron Colfer for his Final University Project, United Kingdom.

The saving of seed has long played an important role in civilisation. In the past, saving seed was a necessary practice that was essential to any family’s survival. In modern times, with food being so readily available, it’s not essential that families grow their own food, as a result, the practice of saving seed has died out.

The seed pod allows anyone to save the seeds from the plants that they grow.

In seven simple steps, seeds can be saved and stored in a fridge for years and years. The size of the product allows the user to make better use of the space in their fridge. The product is also stackable for easy storage.

The product makes use of technology used on an industrial scale at The Millennium Seed Bank. The technology has been simplified for use in the domestic environment.

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