Ancient Trees Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ignasi Boza, Spain.

The origin and characteristics of the ancient olive oil Sénia Territory gives meaning to the idea of sustainability of natural and historical heritage, which until recently seemed doomed to disappear or be scattered through the gardens and squares of Europe, and now you can enjoy a top quality product and warranty, especially for all lovers of equity and sustainability.

Situated at the right of the River Sénia, Traiguera (Spain) counts with rich extensions of olive groves, some of them planted since the classical and medieval period. Since it was a walled villa, Traiguera has seen the culture and history reflected in the stones of the August Route which circulates across the fields of monumental olive trees. A total of 300 samples have been found in Traiguera, concentrated in some areas where the passing of time have influenced these living monuments. In Traiguera many olive trees have a trunk perimeter of 7 or 8 meters, but one of them stands out because with 10,20 meters of perimeter is the biggest olive tree in the whole territory and imposes respect when looking at it.