Designed by Kendrick Kidd, United States.

Here’s a fun one I just finished up at Shepherd for Bold City Brewery. Since Bold City started, I’ve been waiting for the day when it would be time to design 12oz bottle carriers. I mused of creating 4 color, die cut, foil stamped & embossed 6 pack boxes for each one of their brews… crafting every detail until my mind exploded in obsessive-design happiness. The reality of a modest budget however, quickly brought me back to sanity, and ultimately a far more appropriate solution.

After meeting with Bold City & their Box manufacture it was decided that a 1 color box was in their budget… the challenge was figuring out how to accommodate 3 different brews of beer & a “variety pack” (along with separate bar codes for each) in a single box. That’s when the idea of box stickers came up. By using the stickers (which are less expensive to print) for each one of the packing variations, Bold City was able to save money on their printing costs and still have a solution that fit their need.

From the single color craft box, to 4 color glossy stickers, I’m super stoked with the end result. I feel like the carriers maintain Bold City’s small craft brewery vibe, without breaking the bank in the process. Hope you enjoy…

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