Designed by Miniwiz, Taiwan.

Re-Wine is the epitome of re-purposing, a creative solution for our trashy resources. Built-in interlocking joints and partially biodegradable materials, making trash bottles chic, practical, and planet-friendly. The reusable carrying case transforms into an energy-efficient LED desk lamp, using your empty wine bottle as a stand.

Re-Wine is the essence of reduce, reuse, recycle. Made of 100% recycled materials, this chic wine case reduces the amount of waste in landfills. After the wine has been enjoyed, the innovative design allows the case to be reused in various ways.

Rice farming by-products and post-consumer thermoplastics are combined to form a new revolutionary group of materials, POLLIBER™. The reprocessed rice husk serves as a performance enhancer that counteracts the mechanical strength loss due to degradation of polypropylene as it is recycled. The end result is a highly durable material of architectural grade which is recyclable, and able to be manufactured at an unbeatable minimum of CO2 emissions.

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