Derrick Lin


Designed by Kostym Design Agency, Sweden.

At Kostym Design Agency we dress the brands of Scandinavia. For over ten years we’ve been at work, understanding the entire value chain – from product development through production, retail distribution and through the counters; insights that allow us to create design and brand solutions that work and – most importantly – move products off the shelf. Located in the middle of the packaging hotspot of Europe – The Packaging Arena – excellence in every aspect of packaging development and design is always close at hand. All in all we have gathered vast knowledge in consumer behavior and retail, which breeds packaging design that is prized both nationally and internationally.

Hemköp is a grocery chain group. The stores are in central locations throughout Sweden. Hemköp offers its customers a wide and affordable range, providing food and good service to meet and exceed customer expectations. Kostym Design Agency developed packaging design for Hemköp with over 1200 packages.

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