Derrick Lin


Designed by CHARGE Industrial Design, United States.

Following the recent private label market growth on beauty and care product offerings, this concept aims to address shopper’s experience while looking for simple solutions to their daily needs.

Targeted to families of 1+ kids, the messaging is clear, direct and yet playful for the whole family. Male and Female siblings ages 4+ usually tend to gravitate to individual choices for body washes and shampoos, some labeled with their favorite characters and colors. Instead of cluttering the structures with well-known movie characters used by national brands, the black-and-white cartoon-like figures try to represent their own expressions on an almost “do-it-yourself” drawing exercise. The parents version purposely comes in a combined two-bottle structure which represent unity and “togetherness” within the couple. Assuming that most couples shower or bathe in the same bathroom, having the structure coupled together also address easy-storage in space-limited shower layouts.

The bottle structures are differentiated by shape. Female shapes for mother and sister are categorized by inverted side panels while male form is expressed by more bulging side panels, creating a puzzle effect at shelf. Base indentations also help differentiating forms and creating movement at retail. Labeling is done via oriented shrink film or as an optional 2-color screen printing. Dad’s bottle structure is blow-molded with a pigmented blue tone-resign and parent’s bottles are joined at top via silver finished collar. Pump Foam actuator is the same component for all structures, offering costs savings for the private label retailer.

On a larger scope, the brand has enough platform to grow into more offerings such as shampoos, toothpaste and other beauty/care line extensions. The brand itself can easily fit into today’s most successful private label channels.