Namaste Kid Yoga Motion



Designed by Ideas that Kick, United States.

Twin Cities-based Namaste Kid recently tapped Minneapolis design consultancy Ideas that Kick to create a new retail packaging concept that would help the brand stand out in the yoga retail category, with modern and clean designs.

Namaste Kid’s focus is on bringing a true yoga experience to kids in a way that is developmentally appropriate and fun. They make yoga DVDs, mats and bundled packs with all a child needs to start yoga. Using the DVD is like having a yoga instructor in your living room, with an innovative menu system that allows children to enjoy a quick yoga session or a full workout.

Kick delivered a new DVD title and wrapper, as well as a kit box that depicts everything that children and their parents need to know to get started in yoga.

“Strategically, the goal for Namaste Kid was to create a brand experience that speaks to kids and parents alike,” says Kick Executive Creative Director Stefan Hartung. “Namaste Kid has created something bigger and better for kids than the next fad toy. We really wanted to honor that.”

Sold in specialty toy stores, children’s boutiques, yoga studios and on and other online retailers, Namaste Kid’s footprint is expanding in the US and Canada.