Designed by Tandem, United States.

This inventive packaging is a perfect complement to the innovative products developed by the team at KMN Home. Stylish, functional and meant for the modern kitchen, the DrawerDecor brand speaks to the clean, organized dream of drawers everywhere. From the logo to the unique hexagonal packaging and even vanity barcode, this well thought system supports the call for contemporary household goods.

DrawerDecor is a customizable product for organizing your kitchen and desk drawers. From the moment we tried out the divitz and basemet, we knew we had to be a part of this branding and packaging project. The idea – keep all of your utensils neatly arranged in a drawer, without having them slide all over (that’s why you use the handy grippers called divitz.) It’s a brilliant idea in brilliant colors!

The logo is a modern and simple illustration of how the product functions. Clean, neat, and oh so perfectly organized! The packaging challenge began with creating a shape that would house the product, but take up little shelf space for retailers. The unique hexagon box visually sets the product apart and allows die-cut shapes to show the basemat color and texture. The packaging visually conveys how the product works with utensil images placed along the sides. There’s even a clever vanity barcode for those who appreciate the little details.We love it when great packaging design meets great product design.