Derrick Lin


Designed by Dov Kroll, illustration by Yirmi Pinkus, Israel.

Branding, identity and packaging design for a boutique goat dairy.
A small family dairy located in northern Israel, Bara’s free range goats roam in their natural habitat, producing milk of the highest quality and flavor. The flying goat illustration reflects the unique philosophy of the dairy that places the well being of the animal as the central focus. Combined with a fresh, minimalist look in clean, milky tones, the design concept communicates quality, sustainability, and wholesome tradition.

The design process and the collaboration with the illustrator Yirmi Pinkus was very interesting. It was a team effort, and the client itself was very involved.
“Bara” in arabic means “outside”. It’s a word the bedouins and arabs use to flee their flock.

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