Black Ship Brewing Co. (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Eric Talkar. He earned his BFA in Communications Design / Graphic Design at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn, United States.

Black Ship Brewing Co. is a company I developed in my senior project class at Pratt Institute. It was created by urges to develop a beer brand that was adventurous and sophisticated, reaching out to the inner child in us all. Using a favorite pirate aesthetic, it caters to men with its bold design. The color palette is pulled from the dark and fierce associated with pirates and men of adventure, and the type concentrates on combining ruggedness and sophistication. I intended on incorporating the beer bottle in one way or another into each category of beer, therefore tying the whole brand together and including a clever and fresh approach. Going off in all directions, I found it was really the subtle things that make a brand powerful and impactful as a design piece. I customized a beer tap handle, coasters, as well as multiple advertisements and a back story behind to brand to really bring the whole project to life.