Diwali Gift Hamper

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Smudge Design Studio, India.

Diwali Gift Hamper for The Park Group of Hotels, India. (A member of Design Hotels)

As a boutique hotel, The Park exudes impeccable style and design innovations. Their contemporary outlook is defined by their seamless blend of international style and sophistication with local art and culture.

We were asked to create an invite for The Park’s Diwali party with matching packaging for a hamper that would be gifted to their most valued clients.
Diwali, the festival of lights, is an important Hindu festival and is widely celebrated in India. We wanted to create a look that was as ethnic, bright and colourful as the festival, as well as funky and contemporary, in keeping with The Park’s signature style. This packaging draws inspiration from the ancient Indian folk art form, Madhubani, from Bihar in the Northern regions of India.

This art form finds its origin in the Indian epic Ramayana and was originally practiced only by the womenfolk, serving as a creative outlet to depict their life stories. Following the belief that Gods visit each house in the morning, the art primarily donned the walls and doors, intending to please the Gods.
We have tried to stay true to the Madhubani style by using fine lines, floral designs and abstract figures with a Smudge twist to it.

The wine bottle bag and spice box have been created using four-colour offset, printed on art board with silver foil detailing.

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