Fidelinka (Student Work)

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Designed by Silvija Vojnic Rogic, Serbia.

The packaging I have designed is a University project concept design for “Fidelinka” bakery and flour products company. The company long tradition made me choose it as a subject for my package design, so I made the whole design look nostalgic and aesthetic by drawing an old baker man and bakeries the way they used to be long time ago. The illustration on the package is hand drawn, I used pencil for a medium. As for the shape, I tried to make it look as convenient as possible by placing everything in a square shaped box, which made the packaging easy to use, place on shelves and very stable. Also it is very easy to open and fun to use, because the inside of the each box there is a street which you can play with after you use the box. Packaging contains series of three types of boxes, for pizzas, cakes and doughnuts.