Jarmark Polski

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Designed by PND Futura, Poland.

Traditional Folk Style Branding

Together with Hoop Polska we created a unique brand in the category of processed fruits. Jarmark Polski syrups are characterized by an original design based on traditional folk art. The minimalist layout suggests simple and natural products, like traditional home cooking, and the market fair motif creates a wealth of associations connected with the diversity of specialties sold at a fair. The strength of the packaging is undoubtedly the distinct branding, which helps identify the product on the shelf.


NAME: JARMARK (market fair) is a place that is clearly associated with simple, natural and inexpensive homemade specialties. The name JARMARK POLSKI (Polish market fair) therefore promises a diversity of products together with a guarantee of quality. The archetype of the fair, in this case of a brand which will not be heavily promoted in the media or at point of sale, lets the viewer make the intended association, even with short and superficial contact with the packaging’s communication.

LAYOUT: We evaluated several possible stylistic directions – from the aesthetics of grandma’s fruit preserves to rough layouts with a retro or organic feel, to traditional motifs. We decided the last approach to be the most appropriate because of the originality and the possibility of product differentiation on the shelf. Folk motifs appear quite often in modern design – the best example is the Euro 2012 logo – therefore our layout concept based on traditional motifs is consistent with contemporary design trends. Both the typography and the logo are genuinely hand made – the image was created by traditional paper cutting, and the typeface was created especially for this project. Hand-cut forms always have unique features which give them spirit and can not be created by graphics software alone. To this folk design we added appetizing fruit photography, which creates stylistic balance.

Jarmark Polski is another interesting project realized with Hoop Polska. Previously, we carried out a successful rebranding of Hoop Cola building its unique and distinctive look.