Joe Delucci’s Gelato



Designed by Pitch, United Kingdom.

Joe Delucci’s specialise in supplying Genuine Italian Gelato to the UK. They offer a wide variety of flavours, which are delicious and completely unique. Joe Delucci’s is made with care, passion and loads ‘n’ loads of yummy things, but without the bad stuff often found in today’s ice cream. The butter fat content in Gelato is up to 30% less than standard ice cream.

Pitch were tasked to develop their flagship range of packaging for the 5 hero flavours, the brand needed to evoke their ‘quirky’ side, and features the famous Joe the Cow image (which can be seen at a number of their inspired retail outlets). Joe Delucci’s have significant presence in shopping centres, where they have Gelato Parlours, but this is there first step into selling through retailers. The packaging will be sold in major retailers throughout the UK.