Mooncake Box (Student Work)

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Designed by Leon Yeo, a student at Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore.

Mooncake [月饼] is a traditional food product which is enjoyed many people during the Mid-Autumn Festival. This festival is for lunar worship and moon watching; mooncakes are regarded as an indispensable delicacy on this occasion. The concept of this design builds on a fresh and fun illustration concept. Using wood with engraved Chinese characters evokes an innovative feature, uniqueness and design effectiveness feel. Consumers can keep as a collection for self-interests after use. They may find it attractive because the printed floral can exhibit the gracious and dignified propriety.

It is inspired by the paradigm floral design of the mooncakes that is associated with the older generation sayings. Floral is inspired from the Chinese saying ‘花满月园’ ,meaning full-bloomed flower and the full moon. Lastly, using wood in this package evokes a feeling of being strong and sturdy.

The dimensions of the package are 130mm by 130mm.
This box package can contain two Mooncakes. This design can further develop into a package to contain four.

The fine engraved illustrations signify the quality of being unusual effective and simplicity. In addition, it also exhibits gracious and dignified propriety. For instance, engraved floral and traditional Chinese calligraphy are used to show natural styles of designing. This adds attention to the illustration to suggest a mixture of simplicity
and virtuosity.

The unique selling point of this packaging design is to allow users to have a sensorial feel on the engraving wood texture. Moreover, customers can choose to reuse it as a cosmetic or jewellery box.