HP Z1 Workstation Cardboard Desk

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Derrick Lin


Designed by GOODSTUPH, Singapore.

Creative Director: Pat Law
Art Director: Izzy Tan
Copywriter: Pat Law
Product Design: Adib Jalal
Producer: Leon Lai
Digital Strategist: Daphne Chui
Photography: Noel Yeo

In conjunction with the launch of the world’s first 27” all-in-one workstation, the HP Workstation family issued twenty invitations to the creative builders of Singapore – architects, animators, photographers and designers, inviting them to assemble their own cardboard workspace.

The 100%-cardboard direct mailer commands a massive total size of 1.6m by 1m, with over 250 cardboard modules.

When assembled, the cardboard direct mailer transfers into an actual-size cardboard desk, redefining the space to which the recipient currently works in. The cardboard desk is designed in such that the assembly requires no tools, and is capable of holding up to 30 kilograms – approximately the weight one may have on his or her own desk.

In the journey of assembling the cardboard desk, the recipient will discover the benefits of having the HP Z1 Workstation; the simplicity of an all-in-one design, the tool-less chassis, and above all, the actual space required should one have the HP Z1 Workstation.

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