Adidas Memorabilia Concept Prototype

Derrick Lin


Designed by Nicholas Wilson, United States.

This project never went into production but was developed as a Memorabilia piece to be sent out as gifts. The idea behind this concept was that the package itself would be apart of the gift experience.

The structure of the package is made of wood, stained, with a blind emboss (CNC’d) on the side. As the receiver opens the package there is a progression to the piece that unravels several layers to the gift. When first opened the individual would be presented with a custom cardboard package including a wood stained shelf/pedestal with included mounting hardware. As the cardboard piece is removed a suede bag is revealed. The Suede bag would have the same “Limited Edition” graphic blind embossed onto the surface that the inner box has (which is spot glossed). The Suede bag contains an autographed sports shoe which could then be displayed on the shelf/pedestal or kept in the box. When the Suede bag is removed “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING” is revealed at the bottom of the box.

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