Step Modular Rug Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Step modular rug design by Ildikó Valicsek. Packaging and graphic design by Éva Valicsek, Hungary.

Step is a modular rug. Can be built in two ways, once using the connecting elements, on the other hand, the positive and negative forms of turning up, even mixed the two techniques in a number of samples stacking. The system is made up of four element sizes, the largest 140x20x1 cm, half size 70x20x1 cm and the connecting part 40x20x0,5 cm, and the filler items are 20x20x0,5 cm. Made of industrial felt, with a hairy surface suitable for adhesion and thus ensures a stable relationship. The name of the English phrase was step, which means steps, stairs, walking, which is also built of functional maps of the carpet as well. The product marketing system helps the customers with the logo, labels and booklet, and was designed by Éva Valicsek


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