Tea Smile – Freezing Cold Tea

Derrick Lin


Beautiful hexagonal tea packaging from Tea Smile, Taiwan.

Freezing Cold Tea – Hexagonal ice flake crystal shape tea bag

The package is designed for cold brewed tea bags, which are immersed in cold water and mainly consumed during summer. Here we use long rectangular shaped tea bags, allowing consumers easily drop into or take out from PET water bottles.

Our idea originates from the “ice flake” and we applied its beautiful shape as well. It is designed to evoke the feeling of coldness. Consumers can see the ice flake on the outer surface. After opening the box, he can also see the iceberg standing inside. It implies the tea bags between them generate both the ice flake and the iceberg. We use no glue on this mass production product. The latch design makes the structure strong, beautiful, and eco-friendly.

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