Copenhagen Parts – Bike Porter

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Goodmorning Technology, Denmark.

Clean, quirky and red

How to create identity and packaging for a small independent bicycle brand without being too commercial or too deliberately underground?

Copenhagen Parts designs and produces original and innovative lifestyle biking gear focused on urban mobility, functionality and style. The brand’s first product is the Bike Porter, part handlebar part basket – a product that needed packaging corresponding with the award winning red, quirky and clean identity. The product should be able to fit in and be sold at high end clothing and urban living retailers. At the same time the packaging needed to reflect the informal and humorous angle on life that is characteristic for both Copenhagen as a city and the company. As a result Copenhagen Parts´ Bike Porter was packaged in this red and white box with illustrations of more technical sort as well as a list of all the things one could choose to transport with the Bike Porter; from 36 bananas, 6 pack of micro brews, to 100000 MP3 songs.

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