Xylem Advanced Organic Skin Solutions

Derrick Lin


Designed by Dustin Edward Arnold, United States.

Xylem is a unisex organic skin care line with an upstream price point and a niche consumer base. Xylem is small, focused, and based in innovation. Unlike other brands with eco-claims, all Xylem products are 100% organic, fragranced with 100% essential oils, are vegan, and are not tested on animals.

Considering the above, we knew that we weren’t dealing with a mass-market cosmetics customer as much as a luxury consumer looking for a refined product with a core philosophy. A product that not only needed to align aesthetically with the market, but remain true to Xylem’s DNA: their dedication to organic formulation. This dedication all begins in the lab. Taking a minimalist and technology driven approach to the brand and packaging both separated Xylem from becoming a crunchy-granola me-too while remaining true to it’s core values and philosophy.