Safari Friends™ Collection



Designed by Dave Pickett, United States.

A playful and portable feeding container for jarred baby food.

Earth Friendly. Simple graphics and materials that speak to the products sustainability.

Playful. A suction-cup vase allows the infant to interact with the animal-like shapes while the feeding container adhears safely to a surface.

Develop. Strengthens fine motor skills with hands-on interaction.

Portability. Infants don’t have set schedules or meal times, so the Animal Safari collection was built to travel with its durable materials and secure, container-like features.

Learn. The Safari Friends collection entices infants with its bright colors and soft materials, but also introduces them to a variety of animals that they can interact with and learn.

Material. The Safari Friends collection is made of a teething-friendly soft and flexible plastic.

Contain. The force-fit base and top keeps your baby bag free from spills.