Vogel’s Muesli

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Derrick Lin


Agency: BRR
Designer: Vijay Patel
Country: New Zealand

Vogels is a New Zealand based brand with a focus on high quality natural ingredients. Their new range of super-premium muesli features packaging design by BRR. The design was inspired by New Zealand’s landscapes with a contemporary twist. Vijay Patel, Design Director, explains “The key was to create a packaging design that had appetite appeal, with a naturally premium look and feel. Our solution draws on the natural colours and textures of the landscape to communicate Vogels ability to source the best ingredients while reinforcing the premium positioning of the product”.

This approach is reinforced through the implementation of a packaging system that utilises a window to hero the product and showcase the ingredients. Variants are housed in bold coloured disks that allude to hand crated stickers and seals of quality, adding a tactile dimension to the pack.