Food Your Body Likes Cereal Revolution

Derrick Lin


Agency: Modern Species
Designer: Gage Mitchell
Country: United States

A Cereal Revolution:
Food Your Body Likes, an Om Boys Food Movement brand, has recently re-launched their line of cereal/granola aptly named “Cereal Revolution”. Made with unexpected ingredients like sprouted buckwheat, quinoa, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, these products are both healthy and unique. So to play up the theme, the packaging was designed to feature a revolutionary soldier, charging through various landscapes, with an interesting die-cut window showing off the tasty product inside. The overall aesthetic is meant to suggest the experimental and game-changing nature of the product, while hinting toward the companies commitment to healthy, ethical, and sustainable food.

The boxes are right-sized to minimize waste and shipping space, folded in a way that reduces the need for glue, and were printed on 100% recycled paperboard with soy-based inks. The bag inside the box is home compostable cellophane, and the box is fully recyclable (the previous packaging was not recyclable).