Gravity Coffee

Derrick Lin


Designed by Special Group, New Zealand.

No-one goes further than Gravity to bring you the best cup of coffee. Their passion and expertise is unmatched. They travel to meet the growers, employ the best experts to roast and blend, use the latest roasting technology and taste-test every working day of the year to ensure consistency.

Until now consumers have been completely unaware of this. Our task has been to reposition Gravity as the true coffee experts.

The first step is our newly designed Gravity brand identity. It creates a unique visualization of the flavour profiles of the different blends.

We worked directly with the head brewmaster to find colours to represent the flavours of the different beans used in each of the blends. Then we created patterns to reflect the subtleties (or bold-ities) of that particular blend.

The result is a strong and distinctive graphic system that will run across all touch points of the Gravity brand, from packs to point of sale to advertising.