Designed by Atelje Balant, Slovenia.

A Karst farm combines tradition (its own lavender fields, a distillery and a drying house) with technical expertise and decides to start manufacturing natural cosmetics based on lavender oil produced in the Karst region. They need a name, packaging, a website and a story.

The story of the brand contains within itself all the elements of modern, environmentally conscious, family-run businesses oriented towards natural production, but its essence (lavender) also has a character of its own (it soothes, renews and strengthens) that finds a particular expression in the unique Karst landscape.
KRASNA (means beautiful in Slovenian language), a name so simple that it has always been on the tip of your tongue. A consistent image across the product range makes the brand distinctive and recognisable. The lavender flower is an additional visual element. Simple and clear, direct and open. This is the brand and this is its image. The packaging follows the same theme, while at the same time observing environmental guidelines. KRASNA is an example of a carefully designed brand that from the moment of its appearance on the domestic market offers genuineness and quality, but at the same time holds all the seeds necessary for growth, market penetration and development. Just like its identity.

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