Butcher Beer

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Nine Graphic Design, Israel.
Design and art direction by Assaf Yogev and Uri Romano

Butcher is a small boutique brewery located north of Tel-Aviv, Israel. The simple (and very rare) brief was to keep the original name, Butcher, and to “have fun with it”.
We suggested the idea of an old school, early 1900’s, Jewish immigrant butcher, based on many east coast delis of that era (Kat’z in NYC, Schwartz’s in Montreal, etc.) as a brand character.
The design draws from the original images and references of these relevant establishments to create a current style with a strong connection to that part in history. The identity combains illustrations, textures and Hebrew, English and Yiddish typography. Most notably in the logo, using Hebrew characters as English to look like Yiddish.