Chocolates With Attitude 2012

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Bessermachen designstudio, Denmark.

Chocolates with Attitude 2012 Life is like a box of chocolates
Brand personality & Chocolates in one product

One big and beautiful box contains 12 smaller boxes and each box represents an archetype/a personality. The personality is expressed through a unique quote, a unique design and a unique type of chocolate.

The design differentiate the 12 personalities with a diverse and colorful use of typography and the small boxes are round like tiny hat boxes.

The chocolate is created by Coca Luxery Chocolates from unique recipes.

Everything was developed from the ground. The design and the packaging were created by Bessermachen DesignStudio, and the archetypes and the idea were created by Stiig Helgens Binggeli / Brandhouse.