Penguin Water Bottle

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Q-Studio
Country: India

When we set out to design a packaging for the water bottles offered in three lively colors, we assured that it took into account both, the safety and the visual appeal of the product.

We wanted to bring out the uniqueness of the eye-catching water bottle design, which resembled a penguin standing in a relaxed mood. Hence, we designed a box through which the product could be seen. Prospective customers could also feel the product by holding the handles sticking out of the package protecting the water bottle and also offering it stability when placed on a display shelf.
The thought of a penguin resting in its home is well captured in the water bottle packaging design.

  1. I being the user of the product, am disappointed with quality of the product… The design is good but its useless… Packaging was already pealing off even when the product was on the shelf.. Secondly i have not yet understood that in summers how will the bottle keep water cool for longer time.. Kid has to carry the bottle all time in hand… I cannot keep bags side pocket because of its handles… twice handles came off…. Please as user I would suggest think twice before making anything like… beauty without substance is useless…..

  2. Hi Shital,

    It is really disappointing to hear of your experience. We have thousands of bottles in the market today and have not yet heard of the issues you seem to mention here. The packaging too is sturdy, I would be delighted if you could connect with the customer care number on the bottle packaging or alternatively drop me an email to sort any defects mentioned above.

Derrick Lin

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