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Designed by TOBL DESIGN, South Korea.
President & Designer : Wonkook Lee

Quarter bag is a cup carrier for beverage take-out.
It was designed to reduce paper consumption than ordinary cup carrier.
Especially korean tend to use a lot of disposable paper cup carrier. (Amount of take-out coffee shop in korea is approximately over 10,000 and still increasing.)
Of course the best way to sustainability is ‘NOT-using disposable package’.
But if we have to use a cup carrier anyway, to minimize it(material, process, etc…) would be a better choice.

1. Quarter bag reduces paper consumption about 72.4% than an ordinary cup carrier.
2. Quarter bag doesn’t need any adhesive process. And it made from 100% recycled chipboard.
3. We can assemble the Quarter bag at our need. It can be used as a single carrier as well.
4. We can save distribution coasts and stock space through the small volume of the Quarter bag.
5. Wide and opened shape of handle makes our hand more comfortable.
6. Its unique shape makes brand more special.

Patent information
(1) Patent No. 10-1200164 (Registered)
(2) Patent No. 10-2012-0106826 (Pending)
(3) Trademark No. 40-2012-0056988 (Pending

Brand new cup carrier ‘Quarter Bag’ from TOBL-DESIGN on Vimeo.

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