3 Tea For 3 Special Moments

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Diego Decortes, Italy.

Torino by GNAM!” created three tea to warm up this winter 2012. We bypassed the herbal shop Melissa opening jars, sniffing and making inspired by the scents and flavors. After a long process of careful mixing (and gallons of tea for every taste) we arrived at 3 recipes that represented in our imagination “3 perfect moments.”

The perfect moment is special brackets where everything fits and finishes. The color of the leaves, the softness of the scarf, that song in the headphones. The soft green chair in that space in London, the last pages of the book, the taste of butter and salt together …

For each of these occasions, “Torino by GNAM!” have created a blend of tea:

– MOUNTAIN DREAM, Your refuge is a Ceylon tea with notes of pine and blueberries, as thought deserved to cuddle when you are alone;
– HOLD ME TIGHT, A sweet hug: This is a Darjeeling tea with notes of Orange Blossom, to share with those who warms your heart “you put on to boil water, I choose the movies to watch”;
– THE COUCH SOCIETY, A time to be together: This is a ceylon tea Fruity with notes and red sorrel, ideal to be shared with your friends all comfy on the couch “who wants honey?”.

This packaging is done for a simple and easy “home made in the shop”.