Designed by Interbrand (Jason Hargis, Shane Jallick, Jenny Pohlman, Bart Laube), P&G (Josie Graham, Samantha Anthony)
Country: United States

Aussie develops line for kids by talking to the experts… Kids.

Aussie has successfully been delighting women with iconic products for naturally beautiful hair since 1979. With a massive segment of women, men and children desiring simple solutions for their grooming routine, Aussie saw whitespace in the category – and an irresistible opportunity.

The results? Aussies complete line of Brilliantly Simple Solutions for Men, Women and Children.

The creative team assembled, discussed, debated, wrestled, created, wrestled some more and discussed again. That’s when we realized we had an invaluable asset – or assets – among the team. Our kids. Covering the spectrum of ages 3 to 14, we had the perfect target market living under our own collective roof.

So we asked them. And they told us. Boy, did they tell us. Honest exchanging, sharing ideas, showing concepts and gaining insights. It was grassroots, digging-in-the-dirt research – straight from the mouths of babes (and kids). It netted out in truly unique designs specifically tailored for the kids of today.

Introducing the Aussie Posse. Six Aussie-created characters – each with his or her own backstory. No celebrity endorsements. No generic clip art. These characters are the real deal. Playful, imaginative – and encouraging kids to take the ordinary to extraordinary.