Tesco Kids Toiletries

Derrick Lin


Designed by R Design London, United Kingdom.
Designer: Chris Murdoch

A disparate and dated range of kids bath time products has been consolidated and rejuvenated by Tesco rostered agency R Design.

“We created a storyline and developed a design system that tells that story across the whole range of products” says Creative Director Dave Richmond.

Gathering at the water hole is the theme, with different animal characters for each product coming to the central pool in the design – which acts as a holding device for branding and copy.

“We wanted to create something more engaging for kids as well as more credible for mums, hence a strong consistent design theme that provides so much more than merely information and shelf standout” adds Richmond.

A loose hand drawn typeface and illustrative style mirrors contemporary characterisations in children’s books and films and underlines Tesco Kids brand credentials.