Derrick Lin


Designed by red brand builders, Vietnam.
Creative Director: Lenny Schaberg
Managing Director: Chris Elkin
Account Director: Uyen Nguyen

“Fristi regains its superpower”

Fristi, from Friesland Campina Vietnam, has been a long-time market leader in the kids nutritious sour drinks segment in the fast-growing Vietnamese market place.

Over time however the brand image, logo, packaging design and on-pack characters (Jazzmin and Nero) started to lose relevance due to kids and mum’s greater exposure to new international influences, choices and local nutritional concerns.

Fristi faced the challenge of losing it’s unique market position and leadership. The brand’s key characters and shelve presence were in need of a younger, hipper and more appealing image to attract modern kids, while mum’s nutritional concerns also needed addressing.

Following substantial research and workshop sessions, the red team’s solution was to reinterpret the Fristi brand positioning and resulting branding and packaging to give the brand a more modern, relevant spin, to bring back the superpower of the Fristi brand.

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