JAG: The Complete Series Collectors Edition

Derrick Lin


Designed by ASG (AGI-Shorewood Group), United States.
Additional credits: Paramount Home Entertainment

ASG submitted 5 renderings and concepts to Paramount. The Shoulder Cap box with coin is what they decided upon. They were excited about the fact they could have an elaborate package that looked like a naval uniform, and held 55 discs over 10 seasons. The center slipcase is 80pt chip wrapped in Arrextox Linen Set B stock with no print to give a fabric feel. The shoulder caps are also 80pt chip wrapped in Brillianta to give that navy blue look to the uniform. Shoulder cap straps are Prestige foil stamped with gold API 4039 foil and embellished with custom molded star brads and snaps to mimic the naval shoulder straps. The front cover has a diecut hole where the customer die cast coin is hidden and covered by a magnetic medallion cover. That medallion is 80pt chip laminated on both sides with 80# silver met poly printed 6/c with gloss UV. Each of the individual softpacks are 16pt and 12pt SBS printed 5/c with Hi-Def gloss UV. Also, each of the softpacks make-up the JAG logo when correctly placed, in order, into the box. Interior wrap is Hyflex 7 chrome printed 5/c with gloss UV.