Pinch (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Evi Gerafi, Israel.
School: Shenkar college of engeneering and design

“Pinch” is a gourmet salt brand featuring Hawaiian, Persian, mellasian and quality sea salt.

About the concept
“Pinch” salt portrays the combination of complexity within simplicity,kind of like the feeling within a family.The main idea behind “pinch” is to restore interest in salt packaging, and giving the customer an extraordinary experience throughout the use of this product.Also referring to the naturalism and complexity of the salt elements NaCl.

About the package
“Pinch” is divided to 3 basic sizes calculated by weight – fine,medium and course. Each salt group is sized to the specified weight and packed accordingly. Then the salt is inserted into small packets and folded neatly over concealing the pack.

About the usage
The costumers tear the lid of the package and now they have exposed the chain of salt packs folded over eachother, all that is left is to tear a pack – and enjoy.

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