Nossas – Castanhas de Caju

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Derrick Lin


Designed by 095design, Brazil.

Even for a simple product as “castanha de caju” (a kind of a nut that comes from a Brazilian fruit called Caju. It is used for cooking and as an appetizer), the design appears as a marketing solution.

All the identity is based on a little story that we create to become product’s manifesto: “The squirrel used to like to eat nuts, but that was before he tasted OURS”.

“Ours” (Nossas) is the name that we gave to the product, based on the manifesto. A catchy funny different way to sell nuts! We created the identity, stationery, package, brochure and support materials for selling.

After the squirrel changed his nuts for OUR nuts, what else can come around?

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