Designed by sogood, the Netherlands.

HEMA started introducing the first packaging in this new line to their stores in the early spring of 2013.

HEMA is a Dutch private-brand retail store chain for food and non-food with more than 650 branches in Europe including The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and Luxemburg. Established in 1926, HEMA has always solely carried its own uniquely branded products.

In the past, every product category had a different design style. Now, there is one look and feel, based on HEMA’s principle of ‘exceptional simplicity’. This design is developed for the 400+ SKU’s of the HEMA food department.

The hand-drawn watercolours (sometimes in combination with photography) on a white background reflect HEMA’s key values: natural, honest, pure, fresh, quality, and delicious. In addition, the humour and whimsical aspects incorporated in the designs are supposed to elicit an optimistic, happy mood and a heightened sense of enjoyment.