Medivs Terra (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Louis Meeus, Belgium.
School: College of advertising and design

Medivs (middle) Terra (Land), is a gift box for a luxury Mediterranean « Gourmet » food brand. Its Latin name gives the brand an Ancient & Luxurious feel.

The Gift box includes 4 items (MED”IV”S TERRA):

I : A virgin olive oil – L cl (50cl)

II :Balsamic vinegar – XXV cl (25cl)

III : Truffle oil – XX cl (20cl)

IV : Black olive tapenade – LXXX g (80g)

The wood socle is made of olive wood, a classic Mediterranean tree. An old rope seals the top of each bottle and a thicker one to transport the gift box to enforce this ancient feel.

I used 3 sober colors and a bright orange to bring life and give the brand a nice and modern feel.

Each item are numbered from 1 to 4 in Latin numbers. The “Quattrocento Roman” and “Trajan Pro” typefaces add a Classic, Elegant, Ancient and Strong feel to the brand.