Kotex (Redesigned)

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Agency: red brand builders
Client: Kimberly Clark
Type of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Vietnam

Leveraging a new global brand identity, Kotex Vietnam saw an opportunity to refresh their brand id locally and to enhance their packaging design & teen characters to appeal to the ever-changing, Vietnamese female, youth segment – the 4th largest Kotex market globally.

The red brand builders team was tasked with working with the Kimberly Clark Vietnam and New York teams to deliver a fresh, new packaging design and character to consistently communicate the core brand personality and a wide range of Kotex Style product variants.

The red team researched emerging trends both locally and regionally that impacted the style and tastes of the target audience.

Chris Elkin, Managing Director, red brand builders, added “The Kotex Vietnam packaging design and teen character was then revitalized, carefully considering the target audience lifestyle and the very latest youth trends. This key step ensured that the new communications design would accurately appeal to and express the latest style of the Vietnamese target audience.”

To make the buying process as easy as possible, close attention was also given to how the target audience navigates and chooses their preferred Kotex Style product at a busy and fragmented point-of-sale channel, including how the product is used; by day or night, style, fit and absorbency.