Santa Rosa Sorbetto

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Agency: BREAK
Art Director: Luca Franceschi
Account director: Giorgio Garavaglia
Client: Valsoia
Type Of Work: Commercial
Country: Italy

Present on the market since 1968, Santa Rosa enjoys the highest brand awareness on the Italian jam market. Valsoia acquired the brand in 2011, planning to extend it in several market segments.

It was necessary to launch the brand on the fruit sorbet market, relying on the values that Santa Rosa acquired throughout the years in the jam segment (using natural products, being the fruit specialist).

Santa Rosa extends for the first time into a different market. It is therefore essential to find a way to convey the added value that the brand can bring into the ice cream world, and specifically, into the sorbets segment. Sorbets could benefit from Santa Rosa’s expertise in the fruit sector. Hence, this was the brand core value that was maximised and stressed out on the new product. Emphasis was given to Santa Rosas institutional codes without drifting apart from the codes of the ice-cream market. At the same time, the fruit factor was given a very important role on the new packaging and it was used to give it a high appetizing appeal, so essential in the world of sorbet products.