Ten 2014 FIFA World Cup Special Edition Packaging

Derrick Lin


The 2014 Fifa World Cup has kicked off and it only comes around once every 4 years.

The open doors introduces companies from all around the world to jump on the wagon to boost their brands.

We’ve selected 10 world cup packaging that caught our eye. Which one is your favorite?

1) Big & Fresh “Big & Footy” Packaging

2) Budweiser “Rise As One” Bottle

3) Coca-Cola Fifa World Cup 2014 Can

4) Gillette World Cup Special Edition Pack

5) Heads & Shoulders World Cup Shampoo Bottles

6) Heineken ‘Orange Fever’ Cans

7) M&M’s limited edition pack

8) Nestle Garoto World Cup Box

9) Pepsi 2014 World Cup Can

10) McDonald’s World Cup French Fry Packaging